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Xu, H. J.

Paper Title Page
TPPB04 Applications of OPC at BEPCII 166
  • J. Zhao, H. J. Xu
    IHEP Beijing, Beijing
  The run-time data and machine parameters of the BEPCII is distributed over different platforms and stored with different softwares. Some is stored in various SCADA logging files, and some is stored in the EPICS archiver files. Now the EPICS data are stored in Oracle. No general method was provided to access these data. The OPC technology can solve this problem. Originally based on Microsoft's OLE COM (component object model) and DCOM (distributed component object model) technologies, the specification defined a standard set of objects, interfaces, and methods for use in process control and manufacturing automation applications to facilitate interoperability. We have developed EPICS/OPC Server and Oracle/OPC Server. With the help of these two servers and SCADA OPC Servers, it’s easy to get the data mentioned above on a Windows system. This paper describes the development of the two OPC servers and OPC applications at BEPCII.