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Weinrich, U.

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TPPB39 Experiences with an Industrial Control System: Traceability of Specifications, Commissioning Support and Conclusions from the HICAT Project 247
  • R. Baer, M. Schwickert, U. Weinrich, T. Fleck
    GSI, Darmstadt
  While the accelerator for HICAT was designed by GSI, most components and systems were supplied by industrial partners. Despite thorough and detailed specifications for the control system, the concept allowed a rather high degree of freedom for the industrial partner regarding the implementation. The challenge of this combination established a good understanding of the necessary functionalities by our industrial partner. First, we describe the process of implementation starting with the specifications made, sum up the tracing of the development, and show how we ensured proper functionality ab inito and necessary steps since then. Second, we describe problems ranging from software bugs to demands regarding acceptance tests for other components and state how we managed to solve these problems with our industrial partner on a short timescale. Last, we show what can be learned from our experiences. In particular we discuss where it is more efficient to describe all necessary physical dependencies to the industrial partner instead of defining a proper interface where the programming can be done by accelerator experts and concentrate on areas that led to problems with the time schedule.