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Vinogradov, V. I.

Paper Title Page
WPPB04 Convergence Computer–Communication Methods for Advanced High-Performance Control System 406
  • V. I. Vinogradov
    RAS/INR, Moscow
  Based on analysis of advanced computer and communication system architectures, a future control system approach is proposed and discussed in this paper. Convergence computer and communication technologies are moving to high-performance modular system architectures on the basis of high-speed switched interconnections. Multicore processors become more perspective ways to high-performance systems, and traditional parallel bus system architectures are extended by higher-speed serial switched interconnections. Compact modular system on the base of passive 3-4 slots PCI bas with fast switch network interconnection are described as examples of a modern, scalable control system solution, which can be compatible extended to advanced system architecture on the basis of new technologies (ATCA,μTCA). Kombi wired and wireless subnets can be used as effective platforms also for large experimental physics control systems and complex computer automation in an experimental area with human interactions inside systems by IP-phones.