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Uzun, I.

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TOAA05 Implementation, Commissioning and Current Status of the Diamond Light Source Control System 56
  • M. G. Abbott, K. A.R. Baker, T. M. Cobb, P. N. Denison, P. Gibbons, I. J. Gillingham, A. Gonias, P. Hamadyk, S. C. Lay, P. J. Leicester, M. R. Pearson, U. K. Pederson, N. P. Rees, A. J. Rose, J. Rowland, E. L. Shepherd, S. J. Singleton, I. Uzun, M. T. Heron
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  • A. J. Foster
    OSL, Cambridge
  • S. Hunt
    AHB, Meisterschwanden
  • P. H. Owens
    STFC/DL, Daresbury, Warrington, Cheshire
  Starting with the Linac in 2005, the commissioning of the Diamond Light Source accelerators and photon beamlines, together with their related control systems, progressed to an aggressive program such that as of early in 2007, the facility was available for first users with a suite of beamlines and experiment stations. The implementation and commissioning of the control system to meet the overall project objectives are presented. The current status of the control system, including ongoing developments for electron-beam orbit stability and future photon beamline requirements, are also described.  
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RPPA10 Status of the Diamond Fast Orbit Feedback System 535
  • M. G. Abbott, J. A. Dobbing, M. T. Heron, I. P.S. Martin, G. Rehm, I. Uzun, J. Rowland
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  • S. Duncan
    University of Oxford, Oxford
  We present the development of transverse orbit stability control at Diamond. We discuss the low latency feedback loop required to effectively suppress high-frequency noise, which informs the choice of network topology and processing units. We explore the use of the field-programmable gate array in the Libera beam position monitor as a communication controller and the vector unit of the PowerPC G4 in the compensator. System models and results from preliminary tests on the machine are shown.