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Tateyama, T. M.

Paper Title Page
WPPA27 Commissioning TRIUMF’S 2C Solid Target Facility Controls 371
  • I. A. Aguilar, E. Klassen, K. S. Lee, D. R. Pearce, J. J. Pon, T. M. Tateyama, P. J. Yogendran, M. Mouat
    TRIUMF, Vancouver
  The upgraded Beamline 2C Solid Target Facility was recently commissioned at TRIUMF. The original facility had run successfully producing radioisotopes since 1989. To improve reliability and maintainability, and to allow increased incident beam currents, an upgrade project was established. The basic functionality of the facility was retained but changes were made in a number of areas such as aspects of the control system and physical components in the beamline. The process and results of the commissioning, the reasons for upgrading, and the lessons learned are discussed.