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Stefanic, R.

Paper Title Page
FOPA05 EPICS to TANGO Translator 739
  • L. Geoffroy
    Maatel, Voreppe
  • R. Sabjan, R. Stefanic
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  We were faced with a problem of integrating an XY diffractometer device into an EPICS control system, where the integration into the Tango control system (TANGO Device Server) already existed. We have developed a generic TANGO-to-EPICS translator, which provides the EPICS control system with an interface to an existing TANGO Device Server. An EPICS Asyn driver is used for handling the communication trough library, which is based on the CORBA protocol. The interface provides a generic way for executing commands with different data types as arguments. Attribute manipulation for all major TANGO data types is supported.  
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