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Starostenko, A. A.

Paper Title Page
WPPA15 Use of a Three-Layer Control System for Non-Destructive Beam Probe Monitor 345
  • D. A. Malyutin, A. A. Starostenko, D. Bolkhovityanov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  The non-destructive beam probe is based on the scanning of a thin electron beam within the energy range 20-100 kV in the electromagnetic field of an intensive relativistic bunch. A CCD-camera is used to view the beam "image." Initially the facility was controlled by a standalone application. This was dictated mainly by specifics of a CCD-camera and digital oscilloscopes, which are required for tuning. Now, when CCD-camera and digital oscilloscopes are fully supported by a CX networked control system (based on the 3-layer model), the standalone application was replaced by a CX-based set of programs. This enables remote operation, with several applications running in parallel. Additionally, this architecture allows use of scripting facilities to automate various routine tasks, which previously had to be done by hand.