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Slezak, L.

Paper Title Page
WPPA28 Ubiquitous Tango 374
  • J. Butanowicz, L. Slezak, A. Gotz
    ESRF, Grenoble
  • G. Gaio, C. Scafuri
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Trieste
  Tango is a control system based on the device server concept. It is currently being actively developed by 4 (soon 5) institutes, 3 of which are new institutes. This alone is a good reason that Tango integrates the latest developments in control systems evolution. One of the evolutions in computing is ubiquitous computing. Ubiquitous computing in control systems means integrating computers and intelligence into every aspect of the control system. This paper will present how Tango has been integrated into a wide variety of embedded systems from FPGAs, Gumstix, Liberas, and even PS3s (if my boss would buy me one).