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Shimjith, S.

Paper Title Page
WPPA01 A Novel PXI-Based Data Acquisition and Control System for Stretched Wire Magnetic Measurements for the LHC Magnets: An Operation Team Proposal 316
  • K. Priestnall, V. Chohan
    CERN, Geneva
  • S. Shimjith, A. Tikaria
    BARC, Mumbai
  The SSW system developed by Fermilab, USA, has been the main device heavily used since 2004 at CERN for certain required measurements of all the LHC Quadrupole assemblies as well as certain measurements for the LHC Dipoles. All these structures also include various small and large corrector magnets. A novel system is proposed, based on three years of operational experience in testing the LHC Magnets on a round-the-clock basis. A single stretched wire system is based on the wire cutting the magnetic flux, producing the electrical potential signal. Presently this signal is integrated with a VME-based data acquisition system and is used to analyse the magnetic field. The acquisition and control is currently done via a SUN workstation communicating between different devices with different buses and using different protocols. The new system would use a PXI based data acquisition system with an embedded controller; the different devices are replaced by PXI-based data acquisition and control cards using a single bus protocol and on one chassis. The use of windows based application software would enhance the user friendliness, with overall costs of the order of 10 KCHF.