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Shiers, H. S.

Paper Title Page
TPPB42 The Selection, Development and Application of PLC Solutions for the Diamond Light Source 256
  • P. H. Amos, P. Hamadyk, M. T. Heron, H. S. Shiers, S. C. Lay
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  Diamond Light Source set out to address a wide range of control system requirements, from process control to interlocking with a minimum number of PLC types. This resulted in standardization of PLCs from just two manufacturers. Siemens was chosen for high-end process control and Omron for a variety of other applications, including interlocking and protection. These were then applied to a large number of applications, which have been addressed wherever possible using standard solutions. The details of this approach, and solutions managed through it, including procurement of turnkey systems by industry, and how future obsolescence is being addressed are all described.