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Richter, N. J.

Paper Title Page
TPPA32 LivEPICS: An EPICS Linux Live CD NAGIOS Equipped 161
  • R. Lange
    BESSY GmbH, Berlin
  • N. J. Richter
    CQU, Rockhampton
  • M. G. Giacchini
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro, Padova
  EPICS* distributions – analogous to a Linux distribution, are collections of EPICS software that have been proven to work together. It is much quicker to download and install a distribution than it would be to obtain all of the individual pieces and install them separately. LivEPICS** distribution contains binaries from EPICS Base, various extensions, and source code.

* EPICS official web site: http://www.aps.anl.gov/epics/distributions/index.php** M. Giacchini., PCaPAC Workshop 2006 poster. http://conferences.jlab.org/pcapac/talks/poster/Giacchini.pdf.