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Pawlowski, B.

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WPPB21 Integration of CANopen-Based Controllers with TINE Control System for PETRA 3 442
  • T. Delfs, S. W. Herb, B. Pawlowski, P. K. Bartkiewicz
    DESY, Hamburg
  For PETRA III, the high-brilliance third-generation light source being built now at DESY in Hamburg, Germany, we have established a new hardware development standard for controller designs. It includes communication on the fieldbus level, hardware interfacing to fieldbuses, and a communication application software layer for device firmware. The CAN bus and CANopen protocol were chosen as a primary fieldbus standard, and three branches of generic CANopen-compliant interfacing modules were designed for rapid controller hardware development. For fieldbus management, configuration, and integration with the TINE control system*, the generic TICOM (TINE-Based CANopen Manager) software was written. This document gives an overview of our fieldbus hardware development standard and of the key features of TICOM. It also describes the first applications built on top of the standard.

* http://tine.desy.de.