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Park, B. R.

Paper Title Page
WPPA37 Developing of SMS Mobile System for the PLS Control System 392
  • J. Choi, H.-S. Kang, J. W. Lee, B. R. Park, J. C. Yoon
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk
  The PLS SMS mobile system is based on Linux PC platform. The SMS mobile system is equipped with a wireless SMS(Simple Message Service) interface giving an opportunity to use fault alarm interlock system. It was developed as a network-based distributed real-time control system composed of several subsystems (EPICS IOC and PLC system). The mobile system sends simple message of fault trip signal to users’ mobile devices with fault tag address and immediately sends warning or alert messages to mobile devices, or remote users are real-time monitoring the device fault states by mobile devices. Control systems can be set remotely by mobile devices in emergency situation. In order to provide suitable actions against system fault, SMS Mobile System will enable system administrator to promptly access, monitor and control the system whenever users want and wherever users are, by utilizing wireless Internet and mobile devices. This paper presents the Mobile SMS system for PLS Control System.