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O'Brien, D. W.

Paper Title Page
TPPB10 Target Diagnostic Instrument-Based Controls Framework for the National Ignition Facility (NIF) 184
  • J. H. Kamperschroer, J. R. Nelson, D. W. O'Brien, R. T. Shelton
    LLNL, Livermore
  The extreme physics of targets shocked by NIF’s 192-beam laser are observed by a diverse suite of diagnostics including optical backscatter, time-integrated and gated X-ray sensors, and laser velocity interferometry. Diagnostics for fusion ignition are being planned. Many diagnostics are developed at other sites, but ad hoc controls could prove costly or unreliable. The instrument-based controls (IBC) framework facilitates development and eases integration. Each diagnostic typically uses an ensemble of electronic instruments attached to sensors, digitizers, and other devices. Each individual instrument is interfaced to a low-cost WindowsXP processor and Java application. Instruments are aggregated as needed in the supervisory system to form the integrated diagnostic. Java framework software provides data management, control services, and operator GUIs. IBCs are reusable by replication and configured for specific diagnostics in XML. Advantages include small application codes, easy testing, and better reliability. Collaborators save costs by reusing IBCs. This talk discusses target diagnostic instrumentation used on NIF and presents the IBC architecture and framework.