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Nie, Z. D.

Paper Title Page
WPPA30 Detector Control System of BESIII 377
  • X. H. Chen, X. H. Chen
    Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  • C. S. Gao, X. N. Li, J. Min, Z. D. Nie, X. X. Xie, Y. G. Xie, Y. H. Zhang
    IHEP Beijing, Beijing
  In the upgrade project of Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC)II, a novel DCS(Detector Control System) for the Beijing Spectrometer (BES)III is developed. In the system, nearly 7000 data points covering dozens of physical parameters need monitoring or control. The upper system is mainly developed by LabVIEW and OPC. The lower system mainly used Embedded system, MCU, and PLC, etc. These technologies reduced the cost greatly without any lose in system functions or performance. This paper will give a detailed introduction to the system architecture and advanced technologies we used or invented.