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Mariethoz, J.

Paper Title Page
RPPA03 The LHC Functional Layout Database as Foundation of the Controls System 526
  • R. Billen, J. Mariethoz, P. Le Roux
    CERN, Geneva
  For the design, construction, integration, and installation of the LHC, the LHC Layout database manages the information on the functional positions of the components of the LHC. Since January 2005, the scope of this database has been extended to include all electronics racks in the tunnel, underground areas, and surface buildings. This description of the accelerator and the installed controls topology is now used as the foundation for the online operational databases, namely for controls configuration and operational settings. This paper will sketch the scope of the Layout database and explain the details of data propagation towards the respective controls data consumers. The question whether this approach is applicable to the rest of the accelerator complex at CERN will be addressed as well.