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Kudo, T.

Paper Title Page
WPPB13 Development of Flexible and Logic-Reconfigurable VME Boards 427
  • T. Kudo, T. Ohata, T. Hirono
    JASRI/SPring-8, Hyogo-ken
  We developed a logic-reconfigurable VME board with high flexibility. The board has two parts, a base board and two IO daughter boards. The base board has a field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) chip for execution of user logic, such as a digital low-pass filter or calculation of the median of a spot image. Users can install their logics into the FPGA via VME bus. The IO daughter boards are simple IO modules such as analog inputs/outputs (AIOs) or digital inputs/outputs (DIOs). The data from the IO board is sent to the base board and processed there. As the IO daughter board is separated physically, the user can customize the VME board by choosing daughter boards and does not need to develop whole device. We have developed DIO, AIO, and Camera Link interface as the IO daughter board. In the presentation, design concept and implementation of this VME board are shown with some applications.