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Kosrmlj, A.

Paper Title Page
RPPB14 Systematic Production of Beamline and Other Turnkey Control Systems 632
  • A. Kosrmlj, R. Sabjan, I. Verstovsek, K. Zagar, G. Pajor
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  Turnkey oriented accelerator control system production is often quite complex and challenging. It involves software development as well as substantial project management effort and, almost always, an on-site installation. Most of the labs have developed solutions that to some extent support such processes, but are tailored to the lab's particular needs and environment. We could not recycle these solutions, as we had to keep the choices open for defining the naming convention and choosing the operating system, platform, and even the control system. Based on our experience with control systems, we have defined a complete set of processes that prescribe the highest level of quality and efficiency in all the project segments. To implement these processes, we have developed a number of tools for composing, configuring, and deploying the control system software. Use of these tools enforces strict version control and traceability, enables centralized configuration of the system, and largely reduces the possibility of human errors. These tools also enable us to reuse well-tested building blocks, leaving us more time for system-wide quality assurance.