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Kammering, R.

Paper Title Page
RPPA25 The Data Acquisition System (DAQ) of the FLASH Facility 564
  • K. Rehlich, R. Rybnikov, R. Kammering
    DESY, Hamburg
  Nowadays the photon science experiments and the machines providing these photon beams produce enormous amounts of data. To capture the data from the photon science experiments and from the machine itself, we developed a novel Data AcQusition (DAQ) system for the FLASH (Free electron LASer in Hamburg) facility. Meanwhile the system is not only fully integrated into the DOOCS control system, but is also the core for a number of essential machine-related feedback loops and monitoring tasks. A central DAQ server records and stores the data of more than 900 channels with 1-MHz up to 2-GHz sampling and several images from the photon science experiments with a typical frame rate of 5 Hz. On this server all data are synchronized on a bunch basis which makes this the perfect location to attach, e.g., high-level feedbacks and calculations. An overview of the architecture of the DAQ system and its interconnections within the complex of the FLASH facility together with the status of the DAQ system and possible future extensions/applications will be given.