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Humanic, T. J.

Paper Title Page
RPPB08 The Development of Detector Alignment Monitoring System for the ALICE ITS 621
  • M. G. Cherney, Y. N. Gorbunov, R. P. Thomen, J. Fujita
    Creighton University, Omaha, NE
  • T. J. Humanic, B. S. Nilsen, J. Schley, D. Trusdale
    Ohio State University
  A real-time detector alignment monitoring system has been developed by using commodity USB cameras, spherical mirrors, and laser beams introduced via a single mode fiber. An innovative control and online analysis software has been developed by using the OpenCV (Open Computer Vision) library & PVSS (Prozessvisualisierungs- und Steuerungssystem). This system is being installed in the ALICE detector to monitor the position of ALICE's Inner Tracking System subdetector. The operational principle and software implementation will be described.