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Guyot, J.

Paper Title Page
RPPA27 Status of the TANGO Archiving System 570
  • J. Guyot, M. O. Ounsy, S. Pierre-Joseph Zephir
    SOLEIL, Gif-sur-Yvette
  This poster will give a detailed status of the major functionality delivered as a Tango service: the archiving service. The goal of this service is to maintain the archive history of thousands of accelerators or beamline control parameters in order to be able to correlate signals or to get snapshots of the system at different times and to compare them. For this aim, three database services have been developed and fully integrated in Tango: an historical database with an archiving frequency up to 0.1 Hz, a short-term database providing a few hours retention but with higher archiving frequency (up to 10 HZ), and finally a snapshotting database. These services are available to end users through two graphical user interfaces: Mambo (for data extraction/visualization from historical and temporary databases) and Bensikin (for snapshots management). The software architecture and design of the whole system will be presented, as well as the current status of the deployment at SOLEIL.