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Dohan, D.

Paper Title Page
TOPA03 The IRMIS Universal Component-Type Model 82
  • D. Dohan
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois
  The IRMIS toolkit provides a relational description of the accelerator/facility hardware and how it is assembled. To create this relational model, the APS site infrastructure was successively partitioned until a set of familiar, "unit-replaceable" components was reached. These items were grouped into a set of component types, each characterized by the type's function, form factor, etc. No accelerator "role" was assigned to the components, resulting in a universal set of component types applicable to any laboratory or facility. This paper discusses the development of the universal component-type model. Extension of the component types to include port definitions and signal-handling capabilities will be discussed. This signal-handling aspect provides the primary mechanism for relating control system software to accelerator hardware. The schema is being extended to include references to the device support for EPICS-supported component types. This suggests a new approach to EPICS database configuration in which the user, after selecting a particular hardware component, is provided with links to the support software to be used in building the EPICS application.  
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