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Doering, S.

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TPPB32 EPICS at the Synchrotron Radiation Source DELTA 232
  • S. Doering, U. Berges
    DELTA, Dortmund
  Since 1999 the control system at the synchrotron radiation source DELTA, located at the University of Dortmund, Germany, has operated under EPICS. The change from a nonstandard, handmade system to EPICS has been made stepwise till 2001. Since 2002 the first two beamlines in the soft X-ray region are also operated under EPICS to benefit from the easy communication with the accelerator control system. A complete plane-grating-monochromator-beamline (PGM-beamline U55) with its experiment is operated under EPICS, including the stepper motors and device readout. A toroidal-grating-monochromator-beamline (TGM-beamline) has been completely changed from an old system into EPICS control system. At both beamlines new photon-bpm-readout systems under a LINUX-PC and EPICS from the company ENZ are tested. Also a compact stepper motor driver unit with a small LINUX-PC has succesfully been developed in this cooperation. DELTA works as a test facility for these new developments. The easy and fast exchange of the necessary data with the machine control system is an advantage as is the benefit from the EPICS community.