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Di Monte, N. P.

Paper Title Page
RPPA15 Initial Performance Results of the APS P0 Feedback System 550
  • C. Yao, N. P. Di Monte
    ANL, Argonne, Illinois
  The Advanced Photon Source electron beam exhibits transverse instability when a large amount of charge is present in a single bunch. The P0 feedback system stabilizes the transverse motion of the beam under these circumstances. The initial requirement was to stabilize a single bunch of electrons in the horizontal plane. By implementing the stabilizer in an FPGA and using the parallel processing capabilities provided by this hardware, it is possible to stabilize 324 bunches per turn in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The stabilizer consists of 648 32-tap finite impulse response filters. This paper discusses the challenges in achieving this performance and some issues in interfacing to a Coldfire IOC running RTEMS. Initial test results of the system response are presented.