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Dehn, M.

Paper Title Page
WPPA07 The Control System of the Harmonic Double Sided Microtron at MAMI 331
  • M. Dehn, H. J. Kreidel
    IKP, Mainz
  The MAMI electron accelerator cascade of three Racetrack Microtrons (RTMs) has been upgraded by a 4th stage, a Harmonic Double Sided Microtron (HDSM), raising the output energy from 0.855GeV to 1.5GeV. The control system for this worldwide unique machine has been built by extending and updating the well proven system of the three RTMs described at the ICALEPCS'99*. To accomplish this, software to control a couple of new devices had to be implemented, the operator interface was rebuilt and new PC-based VME-front-end computers were developed. To supply the large number of correction dipole steerers on the 43 recirculation paths, a new type of multi-channel power supplies was developed in-house. An enhanced system for digitising the signals of the rf-position monitors on the linac axes has been set up to improve the automatic beam position optimisation in the RTMs and to enable it in the HDSM.

* Proceedings of ICALEPCS'99, page 645.