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Calheiros, F.

Paper Title Page
RPPA04 Automating the Configuration of the Control Systems of the LHC Experiments 529
  • P. Golonka, F. Varela, F. Calheiros
    CERN, Geneva
  The supervisory layer of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) experiments is based on the PVSS SCADA tool and the Joint Control Project (JCOP) framework. This controls framework includes a Finite State Machine (FSM) toolkit, which allows operation of the control systems according to a well-defined set of states and commands. During the FSM transitions of the detectors, it will be required to reconfigure parts of the control systems. All configuration parameters of the devices integrated into the control system are stored in the so-called configuration database. In this paper the JCOP FSM-Configuration database tool is presented. This tool represents a common solution for the four LHC experiments to ensure the availability of all configuration data required for a given type of run of the experiment, in the PVSS sub-detector control applications. The implementation strategy chosen is discussed in the paper. This approach enables the standalone operation of different partitions of the detectors simultaneously while ensuring independent data handling. Preliminary performance results of the tool are also presented in this paper.