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Burmyakov, A. B.

Paper Title Page
RPPA11 MultiController: An Object Programming Approach to Introduce Advanced Control Algorithms for the GCS Large-Scale Project 538
  • R. Barillere, A. B. Burmyakov, S. C. Cabaret, S. C. Cabaret
    CERN, Geneva
  • H. Coppier
    ESIEE, Amiens
  • A. Rachid
    UPJV, Amiens
  The GCS* project team at CERN uses a Model-Driven Approach with a Framework—UNICOS (UNified Industrial COntrol System)—based on PLC** and SCADA*** technologies. The first UNICOS versions were able to provide a PID**** controller, whereas the Gas Systems required more advanced control strategies. The MultiController is a new UNICOS object that provides the following advanced control algorithms: Smith Predictor, PFC (Predictive Function Control), RST, and GPC (Global Predictive Control). Its design is based on a monolithic entity with a global structure definition able to capture the desired set of parameters of any specific control algorithm proposed by the object. The SCADA system—PVSS—supervises the MultiController operation. It gives the user a wide choice of features through the MultiController object interface, including a recipe mechanism: the GCS experts are able to capture sets of relevant advanced control algorithm parameters to reuse them later. Starting by exposing the MultiController object design and implementation for a PVSS and Schneider PLC solution, this paper finishes by highlighting the benefits of the MultiController with the GCS applications.

*Gas Control System**Programming Language Controller***Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition****Proportional Integrative Derivative