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Blanco, E.

Paper Title Page
WOAA03 LHC Cryogenics Control System: Integration of the Industrial Controls (UNICOS) and Front-End Software Architecture (FESA) Applications 281
  • P. Gayet, E. Blanco
    CERN, Geneva
  The LHC cryogenics control system is based on the CERN Industrial framework UNICOS (Unified Industrial Control System). UNICOS covers aspects related to both the SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers). The LHC cryogenic instrumentation must deal with the hostile radiation environment present in the accelerator tunnel preventing the use of off-the-shelves sensor signal conditioners. The conditioners are then realized with rad hard components connected to the control system through a WordlFIP fieldbus. A custom application using a FESA (Front-End Software Architecture) framework has been developed in an industrial PC, the standard CERN solution for WorldFIP interfacing. The solution adopted is based on custom generators that allow rapid prototyping of the control system by minimizing the human intervention at the configuration time and ensuring an error-free application deployment. This document depicts the control system architecture, the usage of custom generators within large systems, and the integration of the software applications with a classical industrial controls architecture application.  
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