TUYBA —  Ion Sources, Traps and Charge Breeding   (23-Oct-18   11:40—12:10)
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Trends and challenges in RIB processes  
  • P. Delahaye
    GANIL, Caen, France
  Funding: The autor acknowledges the support of the European Union in the frame of the ENSAR2 project grant agreement number 654002.
The production of Radioactive Ion Beams (RIB) has benefited in the last 15 years from remarkable developments in the domain of manipulation techniques in plasma sources, gas cells, or ion traps. Combined with laser selective ionization, these techniques are powerful assets for RIB facilities: they permit to perform a precise and rapid identification of the produced nuclei, the separation of isobaric beams, or the charge breeding of RIBs prior to their reacceleration. At GANIL-SPIRAL 2, the SPIRAL 1 upgrade consists in the development of a charge breeding scheme with a FEBIAD ion source. This upgraded facility should deliver as of next year new beams from fragmentation, making the best of the FEBIAD ion source, ECR charge breeder and cyclotron combination. The Super Separator Spectrometer S3 is being assembled and will benefit from the intense stable beams from the SPIRAL 2 linac for producing many exotic RIBs from fusion reactions. A neutralizing gas cell and a laser re-ionisation system are in development for low energy experiments. Based on these two examples, this invited contribution will review some of the challenges of the RIB manipulation techniques.
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