TUOYA —  Accelerator System and Components   (23-Oct-18   15:20—15:40)
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Stripping and modulating of ion beam in plasma  
  • Y.T. Zhao
    Xi’an Jiaotong University, People’s Republic of China
  Plasma could be used as a stripper as well as a modulator. Here we would mainly report recent activities in the experiments and simulations on ion beam plasma interaction in low-medium energy ranges. The experiments were carried out at HIRFL at IMP-Lanzhou for ~100keV/u ion beams with gas discharge plasma, and at UNILAC at GSI-Darmstadt for ~10MeV/u ion beam with theta pinch plasma. Charge state evolution, energy lossing, and transportation of ion in plasma were observed. It is shown that, plasma could be an perfect stripper for low-medium energy ion beam, as well an excellent modulator to fucus, compress and even pulslize an intense ion beam.  
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