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MOP06 Resonance Compensation for High Intensity and High Brightness Beams in the CERN PSB resonance, injection, brightness, octupole 40
  • F. Asvesta, S.C.P. Albright, F. Antoniou, H. Bartosik, C. Bracco, G.P. Di Giovanni, E.H. Maclean, B. Mikulec, T. Prebibaj, E. Renner
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  Resonance studies have been conducted during the recommissioning of the CERN Proton Synchrotron Booster (PSB) following the implementation of the LHC Injectors Upgrade (LIU) project. In particular, resonance identification through so-called loss maps has been applied on all four rings of the PSB, revealing various resonances up to fourth order. In a second step, compensation schemes for the observed resonances were developed using a combination of analytical methods, experimental data and machine learning tools. These resonance compensation schemes have been deployed in operation to minimize losses for reaching high intensity and high brightness, thereby achieving the target brightness for the LHC-type beams.  
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About • Received ※ 05 October 2021 — Revised ※ 17 October 2021 — Accepted ※ 22 November 2021 — Issue date ※ 27 November 2021
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