Author: Normand, G.
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Beam Physics for the SPIRAL2 Linac Commissioning  
  • A.K. Orduz, R. Ferdinand, J.-M. Lagniel, G. Normand
    GANIL, Caen, France
  • D.U. Uriot
    CEA-DRF-IRFU, France
  Commissioning of the SPIRAL2 linac began as soon as the French Nuclear Safety Authority authorisation was obtained on 8 July 2019, first with the settings of the medium energy line MEBT (between the RFQ and the linac, including the tuning of the bunch selector), then with the linac settings. The settings of the MEBT, linac and high-energy lines (HEBT) to the beam dump and to the Neutron For Science (NFS) experiment room were validated during the two six-month commissioning periods. Stable operation with a 16 kW proton beam (10% of the nominal) has been achieved, showing that the conditions are already met (beam loss control) to be able to operate at maximal power (160 kW proton, 200 kW deuteron). The various stages of commissioning and the results obtained are presented.  
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