Author: Nonglaton, J.-M.
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MOP14 The PS Booster Alignment Campaign and a New Tune Control Implementation After the LHC Injectors Upgrade at CERN 89
  • F. Antoniou, F. Asvesta, H. Bartosik, J.F. Comblin, G.P. Di Giovanni, M. Hostettler, A. Huschauer, B. Mikulec, J.-M. Nonglaton, T. Prebibaj
    CERN, Meyrin, Switzerland
  The CERN PS Booster (PSB) has gone through major upgrades during the Long Shutdown 2 (LS2) and the recommissioning with beam started in December 2020. Two of the aspects leading to improved operation will be described in this paper: a new tune control implementation; and a full re-alignment campaign. The operation of the PSB requires a large range of working points to be accessible along the acceleration cycle. As part of the LIU project, the PSB main power supply was upgraded to raise the extraction energy from 1.4 GeV to 2 GeV, in order to improve the brightness reach of the downstream machines. A new tune control implementation was necessary to take into account saturation effects of the bending magnets and the reconfiguration of the main circuits, as well as the additional complexity of the new H charge exchange injection. The first part of the paper describes the implementation of the new tune control and its experimental verification and optimization. The second part describes the results of the PSB alignment campaign after LS2, giving emphasis to the method developed to perform a combined closed orbit correction through quadrupole alignments.  
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