Author: Hulsart, R.L.
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Fast Switching and Signal Processing Techniques for Co-Propagating Unequal Bunch Length Beams  
  • R.L. Hulsart
    BNL, Upton, New York, USA
  Obtaining accurate position measurements from BPMs in accelerators require calibration techniques to minimize the bias in the sampling channels. In many BPM electronics, filters and amplifiers are utilized to improve selectivity and dynamic range. Many of these components unfortunately have a frequency dependent response that is sensitive to the spectral content of the beam signal. Variations in bunch length and structure between two beams can lead to a bias in each channel, which becomes a challenge to remove using only a static calibration method. A scheme of rapidly swapping signals from two channels using switches installed near the BPM can be implemented to combat these issues. Bias in each path has an equal and opposite component when they are reversed. Modern solid-state RF switch ICs are available at low cost and are well suited for this purpose, having low insertion losses. Such a switching system was utilized for the LEReC project to mitigate differences between the ion and electron beam signals with good results. Details of this particular implementation as well as some general information about the switching technique will be discussed.  
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