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BiBTeX citation export for WEIPI2: High Intensity Beam Dynamics Preparations for FAIR

  author       = {O. Boine-Frankenheim},
  title        = {{High Intensity Beam Dynamics Preparations for FAIR}},
  booktitle    = {Proc. HB'21},
  language     = {english},
  intype       = {presented at the},
  series       = {ICFA ABDW on High-Intensity and High-Brightness Hadron Beams},
  number       = {64},
  venue        = {Batavia, IL, USA},
  publisher    = {JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland},
  month        = {04},
  year         = {2022},
  note         = {presented at HB'21 in Batavia, IL, USA, unpublished},
  abstract     = {{The FAIR accelerator complex is designed to deliver heavy ions beams of unprecedented beam intensity and quality. Such beams will enable high yield in-flight production of exotic nuclei and their precise identification at high energies, for example. Intense primary ion beams will be delivered to the new SIS100 synchrotron from the upgraded UNILAC/SIS18 complex. Both, the existing SIS18 and the new SIS100 will be operated at the ’space charge limit’ for light and heavy ion beams. Only due to the recent advances in the performance of particle tracking tools with self-consistent 3D space charge solvers we were able to reliably identify low-loss areas in tune space over the full 1 s accumulation plateau in SIS100. A realistic magnet error model, extracted from bench measurements, is included in the simulations. Different measures are proposed to enlarge the low-loss area and to further increase the space charge limit. A key rf manipulation in SIS100 will be the single bunch generation and compression before extraction to the production targets. Simulation results to prepare for the later operation will be shown.  }},