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Witte, H.

Paper Title Page
MOPD44 Beam Extraction in PAMELA NS-FFAG 167
  • T. Yokoi
    OXFORDphysics, Oxford, Oxon
  • K.J. Peach, H. Witte
    JAI, Oxford

PAMELA (Particle Accelerator for MEdicaL Application) is a design study of particle therapy facility using FFAG. PAMELA lattice realizes stable betatron tune with relatively small orbit excursion for a field accelerator with the help of newly developed combined function magnet. In addition, it can flexibly change the operating point, The feature puts PAMELA in a unique position among fixed field accelerators. The challenge of the beam extraction in PAMELA is the variability of extraction energy. Though the feature is desirable tto improve the beam quality for treatment, it was hard to realize for a fixed field accelerator due to orbit excursion introduced by the fixed field nature. The small orbit excursion of PAMELA provides a possibility to realize it. To tackle the problem, PAMELA employed vertical extraction with large gap kicker magnet, which is one of the major R&D items of the project. . In the presentation, the extraction scheme, status of hardware development and other approach of extraction PAMELA lattice will be presented.