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Steerenberg, R.R.

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TUO2B05 Feasibility of 2 GeV Injection into the CERN PS 343
  • W. Bartmann, S. Aumon, B. Balhan, J. Borburgh, S.S. Gilardoni, B. Goddard, M. Hourican, L. Sermeus, R.R. Steerenberg
    CERN, Geneva

The increase of the extraction energy of the CERN PSB to 2 GeV has been suggested as a method to increase the intensity of the LHC beam which can be obtained from the present injector complex. Such a change would require a redesign of the present PS proton injection system, which is already operating close to its limits within tight space constraints. The feasibility of a 2 GeV proton injection is discussed and a potential solution outlined. The implications on the injection equipment and on the performance in terms of beam parameters and losses are discussed.


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