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Ronningen, R.M.

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THO2C03 Materials under Irradiation by Heavy Ions and Perspectives for FRIB 662
  • R.M. Ronningen, T. Baumann, M. A. Kostin
    NSCL, East Lansing, Michigan

High energy heavy ion beams having high power that that are planned for FRIB will deliver very high power densities and will produce significant radiation damage in materials with which they interact. Reliable predictions of component life times for FRIB are needed yet the tools used to make the necessary predictions, e.g. heavy ion radiation transport codes, provide damage estimates whose levels vary significantly. Additionally there are very few appropriate data sets to validate the codes. We will present examples of components, i.e. the target and beam dump systems for FRIB, with attending predicted levels of damage obtained by transport codes and life time ramifictions. We will summarize results from an experiment to produce and to quantify damage in a controlled way. Finally, we will show examples of targets used in experiments at NSCL where damage has been observed, and will present results from transport codes to quantify the damage.


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