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Normand, G.

Paper Title Page
THO1B04 HEBT Lines for the SPIRAL2 Facility. What to do with Accelerated Beams? 590
  • L. Perrot, J.-L. Biarrotte
    IPN, Orsay
  • P. Bertrand, G. Normand
    GANIL, Caen
  • E. Schibler
    IN2P3 IPNL, Villeurbanne
  • D. Uriot
    CEA, Gif-sur-Yvette

The SPIRAL2 facility at GANIL-Caen is now in its construction phase, with a project group including the participation of many French laboratories (CNRS, CEA) and international partners. The SPIRAL2 facility will be able to produce various accelerated beams at high intensities: 40 MeV Deuterons, 33 MeV Protons with intensity until 5mA and heavy ions with A/Q=3 up to 14.5MeV/u until 1mA current. We will present the final status of the high energy beam transport lines of the new facility. Various studies were performed on HEBT and beam-dump concerning beam dynamics, safety and thermo-mechanicals aspects. New experimental areas using stable beams and the cave dedicated to radioactive ion production will be presented according the scientific program.


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