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Mikulec, B.

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TUO2B02 Injection Painting and Associated HW for 160 MeV PSB H-. 329
  • C. Bracco, B. Balhan, J. Borburgh, C. Carli, E. Carlier, R. Chamizo, M. Chanel, T. Fowler, B. Goddard, M. Hourican, A.M. Lombardi, B. Mikulec, A. Newborough, D. Nisbet, R. Noulibos, U. Raich, F. Roncarolo, M. Scholz, L. Sermeus, W.J.M. Weterings
    CERN, Geneva

Linac4 will replace the currently used Linac2 in the LHC injector chain. The motivation is to increase the proton flux available for the CERN accelerator complex and eventually achieve the LHC ultimate luminosity goals. Linac4 will inject 160MeV H- ions into the four existing rings of the PS Booster (PSB). A new charge-exchange multi turn injection scheme will be put into operation and require a substantial upgrade of the injection regions. Four kicker magnets (KSW) will be used to accomplish transverse phase space painting in order to match the injected beams to the required emittances. This paper presents hardware issues and related beam dynamics studies for several painting schemes. Results of optimization studies of the injection process for different beam characteristics and scenarios are discussed.


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