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Lo Destro, V.

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MOPD12 Reducing Losses and Emittance in High Intensity Linac at BNL 77
  • D. Raparia, J.G. Alessi, B. Briscoe, J.M. Fite, O. Gould, V. Lo Destro, M. Okamura, J. Ritter, A. Zelenski
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York

The most important parameter for the high intensity linacs are the losses. The losses are about limited to 1W/m for the hand on maintenance requirements. This limit translates about 1 nA at 1 GeV and 100 nA at 10 MeV. Therefore less attention are paid to physics design low energy area, especially for the longitudinal plane which is responsible for the implanting non-linearity in the particle distribution which are often responsible for the losses at high energies. We will present upgrade for BNL 200 MeV linac in the low energy and medium energy transport system. We were able to reduce the transverse emittance by more than factor of two and losses in the entire linac complex by order of magnitude.