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Liu, Y.

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MOPD29 Transverse Matching Progress of the SNS Superconducting Linac 126
  • Y. Zhang, S.M. Cousineau, Y. Liu
    ORNL, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Experience using laser-wire beam profile measurement to perform transverse beam matching in the SNS superconducting linac is discussed. As the SNS beam power is ramped up to 1 MW, transverse matching should become more critical to control beam loss and residual activation. In our experiments, however, beam loss in the SC linac is not very sensitive to the matching condition. In addition, we have encountered some difficulties in performing a satisfactory transverse beam matching with the envelope model currently available in our XAL software framework. Offline data analysis from multi-particle tracking simulation shows that the accuracy of the current matching algorithm may not be sufficient to the SC linac.

TUO2B04 Advancements in Laser Technology and Applications to Accelerators 338
  • Y. Liu
    ORNL RAD, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Advancements in laser technology have dramatically expanded the applications of lasers to particle accelerators. Today, lasers have been used for accelerators in a broad range from operational systems such as nonintrusive particle beam diagnostics instruments and photoinjectors, to elaborate applications with high technical readiness levels including, for instance, a laser assisted foil-less charge exchange injection scheme and laser-electron Compton scattering-based light sources, and finally to exotic topics such as laser driven electron/ion accelerators. This talk reviews recent experimental results achieved in the above applications, their requirements on laser parameters and challenges that require future laser technology development. Important technical elements including femto-second pulse generation, burst-mode optical amplifiers, beam stacking from laser arrays, and power enhancement optical cavity will be briefly described. The laser optics development for the laser wire beam profile monitors and the laser stripping experiment at SNS will also be introduced as application examples.


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