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Kroyer, T.

Paper Title Page
MOPD61 Carbon Fiber Damage in Particle Beam 231
  • M. Sapinski, B. Dehning, A. Guerrero, T. Kroyer, M. Meyer
    CERN, Geneva

Carbon fibers are commonly used as moving targets in the beam wire scanners. The heating of the fiber due to energy loss of the particles traveling through is simulated with Geant4. Heating induced by the beam electromagnetic field is estimated with ANSYS. The heat transfer and sublimation processes are modeled. Due to the model nonlinearity a numerical approach based on discretization of the wire movement is used to solve it for particular beams. Radiation damage to the fiber is estimated with SRIM. The model is tested with available SPS and LEP data and a dedicated damage test on SPS beam is performed followed by post-mortem analysis of the wire remnants. Prediction for the LHC beams is made.