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Kirk, H.G.

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WEO1B03 Studies of Material Properties under Irradiation at BNL Linear Isotope Producer (BLIP) 457
  • N. Simos, H.G. Kirk, H. Ludewig
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  • P. Hurh, J. Hylen, J.R. Misek, N.V. Mokhov
    Fermilab, Batavia

Proton irradiation effects on materials supporting high power experiments have been studied extensively using the BNL 200 MeV proton beam and the target station of the Linear Isotope Producer (BLIP). The goal has been to (a) observe changes in physio-mechanical properties in widely used materials and in new alloys and composites induced by energetic protons, (b) identify thresholds of flux/fluence, (c) study the role of temperature in damage reversal, and (d) correlate damage effects of different species such as energetic protons and neutrons. Experience data from experiments, i.e. NuMI, on target performance have been integrated with observations and aided by simulation studies to assess the role of energy and irradiation rate. Based on the correlation experimental results, experience data and simulation studies, new irradiation experiments linked to the long baseline neutrino experiment (LBNE) have been designed and performed. Results of irradiation studies in support of the neutrino factory initiative, the LBNE and the LHC will be presented and coupled with confirmatory simulations employed to reconcile experimental observations with anticipated NuMI target performance.


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