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Garcia Tudela, M.G.

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TUO1D01 Linac4 Commissioning Strategy 405
  • J.-B. Lallement, G. Bellodi, M. Eshraqi, M.G. Garcia Tudela, A.M. Lombardi, P.A. Posocco, E. Sargsyan, J. Stovall
    CERN, Geneva

Linac4 is a 160 MeV H- ions accelerator, which will replace the 50 MeV proton Linac (Linac2) as injector for the CERN complex from 2015. The higher output energy together with charge-exchange injection will allow increasing beam intensity in the following machines. Linac4 is about 100m long, normal-conducting, and will be housed in a tunnel, 12m below ground, on the CERN Meyrin site. The low energy front-end, consisting of a 45 KeV source, a 3-m long RFQ and a 3 MeV chopper line, will be commissioned starting next year in a temporary location. It will then be moved to the tunnel at the end of 2012 and the commissioning in situ will be done progressively with the installation of the accelerating structures. The preparation of 4 commissioning stages (12, 50 100, and 160 MeV) is of key importance to meet the goals of beam performance and reliability. An extensive campaign of simulation is in progress to define the necessary measurements and the required diagnostics accuracy for a successful set-up of the transverse and longitudinal parameters of the machine. This paper presents the results of the simulations and the measurement strategy.


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