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Gammino, S.

Paper Title Page
MOPD36 Modelling of Electron and Ion Dynamics in the Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source by Means of PIC-self consistent Numerical Simulations 142
  • L. Celona, G. Ciavola, S. Gammino
    INFN/LNS, Catania
  • D. Mascali
    CSFNSM, Catania

The properties of ECRIS plasmas have been largely studied, however the design of new generation sources, able to provide high intensity beams of multiply charged ions, requires a more accurate investigation of both electron and ion dynamics. ECRIS have a broad electron energy distribution function (EEDF), not ideal for the safe operation of the sources, especially when superconducting magnets are used. X-rays measurements reveal a large amount of MeV electrons, that locally heat the cryostat and make the aging of the insulator faster. Conditions for the suppression of high energy particles must be understood in order to fully exploit the ECRIS ability to produce high brightness beams, and the plasma heating modelling permits a better insight. In addition, our approach takes into account the resonant nature of the plasma chamber, that has been confirmed by simulations and experiments: slight variations of frequency change the pattern of the electromagnetic field over the resonance surface, thus affecting the EEDF. A model has been developed to link the electron and ion dynamics, explaining how the beam properties are influenced by slight variations of the pumping frequency.