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Duperrex, P.-A.

Paper Title Page
WEO2A04 Current and Transmission Measurement Challenges for high Intensity Beams 443
  • P.-A. Duperrex, V. Gandel, D.C. Kiselev, Y. Lee, U. Müller
    PSI, Villigen

The challenges for beam current and transmission measurements at high intensity (2.2mA, 1.3MW) beam operation are presented. The monitors used for the current measurements are resonators tuned at the 2nd RF harmonic (101 MHz). While most all the monitors do not require specific attention, the monitor placed 8m behind a graphite target presents several challenges. This current monitor is placed in vacuum and the calculated heat load due to the heavy shower of energetic particles is about 230 Watts for 2 mA beam current. The resonator cooling has been improved (active cooling, improved radiation cooling and a modified mechanical structure) to minimize drifts due to the thermal expension. However, the gain drift during operation is of the order of 10%. These larger than expected drifts are actually induced by the non-homogeneity of the power deposition. To correct these dynamical drifts, some on-line corrective electronics using 2 tests signals 50 kHz off the RF frequency had to be developed. This provides an innovative mean to estimate on-line the resonator gain. Without these corrections this system would have been unusable for transmission measurements at high beam intensity.


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