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Bartosik, H.

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MOPD10 Linear and Non-Linear Optimization of the PS2 Negative Momentum Compaction Lattice 67
  • H. Bartosik, Y. Papaphilippou
    CERN, Geneva

PS2 is a design study of a conventional magnet synchrotron considered to replace the existing PS at CERN. In this paper, studies on different aspect of single particle dynamics in the nominal PS2 Negative Momentum Compaction lattice are described. The global tuning flexibility of the ring and the geometric acceptance is demonstrated by a systematic scan of quadrupole settings. Frequency map analysis and dynamic aperture plots for two different chromaticity correction schemes are presented. The impact of magnet misalignments on the dynamic aperture is studied for one of them. A first study of the beam dynamics with magnetic multipole errors using frequency maps and the corresponding analytical tune-spread footprints is reported. It is thus demonstrated that multipole errors determine to a large extend the beam dynamics in PS2.

WEO2C04 Simulation of Space-charge Effects in the Proposed CERN PS 524
  • J. Qiang, R.D. Ryne
    LBNL, Berkeley, California
  • H. Bartosik, C. Carli, Y. Papaphilippou
    CERN, Geneva
  • U. Wienands
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California

A new proton synchrotron, the PS2, was proposed to replace the current proton synchrotron at CERN for the LHC injector upgrade. Nonlinear space charge effects could cause significant beam emittance growth and particle losses and limit the performance of the PS2. In this paper, we report on simulation studies of the potential space-charge effects at the PS2 using three-dimensional self-consistent macro-particle tracking. We will discuss the impact of space-charge effects on the beam emittance growth, especially due to synchro-betatron coupling, aperture sizes, initial painted distribution, and RF ramping schemes. The computational model used in the simulation will also be discussed.


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