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Barranco, J.

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THO2B02 Parametric Study of a Two-Stage Betatron Collimation System for the PS2 605
  • J. Barranco, Y. Papaphilippou
    CERN, Geneva

Beam losses are a potential limiting factor in the performance in any high intensity synchrotron. For the new CERN PS2, an overall low loss design has been adopted. However, it is unavoidable that due to different processes a certain fraction of particles leave the beam core populating the so-called beam halo. A collimation system removes in a controlled way all particles outside the prescribed betatron and collimator acceptances. This article presents a two-stage betatron collimation design as an optical device for different long straight sections layouts. Parametric studies for the different main design parameters are presented and their influence in the expected cleaning efficiency of the system is analyzed and compared to the accepted thresholds of admissible losses. Finally, different errors were introduced in the lattice to test the robustness of the design against realistic operation scenarios.


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