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Adam, S.R.A.

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MOPD64 Visual Inspection of a Copper Collimator Irradiated by 590 MeV Protons at PSI 245
  • A. Strinning, S.R.A. Adam, P. Baumann, V. Gandel, D.C. Kiselev, Y. Lee
    PSI, Villigen

In March 2010 one of the most exposed collimators of the 590 MeV proton beam line at PSI, was visu-ally inspected after 20 years of operation without failure. It is made out of OFHC copper and cooled by water tubes. At currents of 2.2 mA, the temperature inside the collimator is ~ 350 C. From the total beam charge of 120 Ah, ~15 % are absorbed. The main motivation for the inspection was to investigate the present condition of the collimator after the long exposure in a high intensity proton beam. According to MARS15 the inner parts have seen 35 DPA. For the inspection, the collimator was removed remotely from the beam line by a shielded exchange flask and transferred to the hot cell. In order to enter the collimator opening and examine the inner structure without any contact or damage, a special tool was built, using the principle of a periscope. By moving and rotation the tool with the power manipulator, sharp pictures of the inner surface were taken with a high resolution reflex camera, operated remotely. Because of the high radiation (> 50 Sv/h in 0.2 m) camera and electronics were shielded. After the inspection, the collimator was built in to the beam line again.